The company was founded by Johann Schowanek in 1908. The factory began to produce wooden beads, buttons, and other small lathe-turned parts. The firm soon became the largest producer of its kind anywhere in Europe. In 1927 the production range was extended to include wooden toys, which boosted the renown of the company. The factory also famously produced mechanics and keyboards for upright pianos and grand pianos between 1945 and 2022.

The factory is now the largest and oldest producer of wooden toys, board game components and wooden beads in the Czech Republic. All products are made from high-quality wood, which comes from the mountain regions of Central Europe. Paints and finishes are all high quality, certified – they comply with the EN 71 standards – and do not place any burden on the environment. As most of our toys are designed with small children in mind, special attention is paid to the technological process and the finish, which guarantees the lasting high quality of our products.

Jan Schovánek

Johann Schowanek

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Hans Schowanek

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