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Sat10am – 16pm

Museum of Toy Production

Would you like to know more about the historical production of wooden toys? We offer tours to see production techniques with a tradition of more than 100 years. The excursion begins with our permanent exhibition of unique old machines, historical and contemporary toys, and other products. Afterwards you will get the chance to see unique production machinery from 1920 to 1960. You can see the individual production departments from the initial stages through drying, lathe-turning, drilling and painting to the actual assembly of the products. During the tour we will tell you about the production process and you will also learn plenty of interesting things about the long history of our factory. At the end of your tour you can buy products in the company shop. If you show your tour ticket, you will receive a discount on parts for creative workshops.

Tours are given on weekdays and Saturdays and during some parts of the year also on Sundays. The museum is also opened on most public holidays, except for the Christmas holidays (24th to 26th Dec). If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Saturday and Sunday tours begin every hour on the hour from 10am to 12pm; other times can be arranged upon request. During weekend tours the factory is either partially running or not running at all.

Tours take approx. 50-60 minutes. Therefore, the last tour begins at 2pm at the latest. Due to the length and the noise level in some departments we do not recommend the excursion to children under 4 years of age. We can adjust the tour for schools and pre-schools upon request.

Due to popular demand we recommend that you book your tour in advance. When at full capacity, we cannot provide immediate tours for groups that have not booked one in advance.

Creative Workshops

After your tour you can visit our shop to buy products as well as bags with various parts. With these bags you can enter our creative workshops where you then let your imagination run wild and make your own toys. The workshops are designated for children over 4 years of age but adults are welcome to try their hand at toy making as well.

The bags are priced at 100 CZK. The entry to the workshops is free of charge, you only need to purchase the bag. If you show your tour ticket to the cashier, you will receive a 50 CZK discount. This discount is not cumulative and only applies only for 1 bag.

The workshops are equipped with all the tools and materials you need (e.g. scissors, glue, markers, etc.).

Creative workshop opening hours: some as the museum.

Additional Exhibitions

For history fans we offer an exhibition of war production during the years 1939-1945. Those interested in sport can visit the exhibition of Rudolf Burkert, the first Czechoslovak medalist from the winter Olympics.

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In our café we offer a wide range of hot and cold beverages and snacks. There is also Wi-Fi provided.

Full admission – 5 people and more, price per 1 person:

Adults 150 CZK
Children (up to 18 years) 130 CZK
Seniors (over 63 years) 140 CZK

Reduced admission – 15 people and more, price per 1 person:

Adults 140 CZK
Children (up to 18 years) 120 CZK
Seniors (over 63 years) 130 CZK

Individual tour admission, price per 1 person:

1 person 510 CZK
2 people 270 CZK
3-4 people 200 CZK

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